Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may get a 3D Touch feature of its own

It looks like home buttons are becoming so 2016 as Samsung may ditch bezel-based buttons in favor of a pressure-sensitive display for the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung will outfit its upcoming phablet with a “force touch” display that will allow it to read how hard the user presses down on the screen, according to the typically reliable ETNews (via The Investor).

If expanded to the entire screen, the feature would effectively match Samsung’s handset up to Apple’s similar 3D Touch technology, which debuted with the iPhone 6S cheap phone repair and allowed for pressure-sensitive controls on the phone’s touchscreen.

The report mentions using a similar solution found in the Samsung Galaxy S8’s in-screen home button to power the Note 8’s supposed force-touch tech.

The Galaxy S8 ditched conventional buttons in favor of a wider display, and instead used a pressure-sensitive digital button at the bottom to activate the home, back and multitasking keys on the device.

Thankfully, we have less than a fortnight to wait for confirmation from Samsung, as the tech giant is planning an official reveal for its newest cracked screen repair on Wednesday, August 23.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 all rumors,specs and features

August 23 – that’s when Samsung’s next big thing will become official. And “big” is a fitting word indeed – the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be announced on that date, becoming the company’s latest high-end, phablet-grade device. What’s going to be so special about it? Well, a whole bunch of things, actually. As all Galaxy Note lcd screen replacement before it, the Note 8 will feature a huge, high-quality display, plenty of memoy and processing power, and a pressure-sensitive stylus for drawing, note-taking, and for standing out of the crowd, of course.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 dual camera explained: specs, features, and all rumors we have so farBut in this article we’ll focus on one particular Galaxy Note 8 feature – its camera setup. Leaks are all pointing at this being Samsung’s first dual-camera phone, and by now you’re probably wondering what the advantage of such a setup might be. Allow us to explain.

Rumor has it that Samsung has gone for an iPhone 7 Plus-like approach for the Galaxy Note 8, equipping the phone with two 12MP cameras at the back. One of them is expected to serve as a main, all-purpose shooter, while the other will be a secondary telephoto camera providing 2x magnification. Basically, with the help of the Note 8’s second cam, you’ll be able to “bring” your subject closer without sacrificing image quality since the zoom will be performed optically, not through digital stretching of the image.

Certain limitations apply, however. One is that the Note 8’s secondary camera is very likely to be less sensitive to light than its main one. This is due to the way optics work: a lens system so small would provide 2x zoom only at the expense of a narrower aperture. Such is also the case with the zoom cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus and the OnePlus 5.

To compensate for this, Samsung is said to have added optical image stabilization to the Note 8’s telephoto camera. While not a silver bullet by any means, this should make the phone’s secondary camera more usable in low-light situations. OIS works by keeping the image sensor steady as an image is being taken. This allows a camera to leave its shutter “open” for longer, thus letting in more light without that producing motion blur. Neither the iPhone 7 Plus, nor the OnePlus 5 feature OIS on their telephoto cameras.

Another limitation of the Galaxy Note 8’s 2x zoom camera is that it might not be usable if your subject is too close – closer than a foot or two, perhaps. Again, this is also observed with the telephoto cameras on existing screen repair , such as the iPhone 7 Plus and the OnePlus 5.

Samsung Galaxy S8 replace broken screen

It has been 3 months so far since Samsung Galaxy S8 was released. No doubt that it’s a successful smartphone. Though the rear fingerprint will cause inconvenience in daily use and some users encountered red tint issue, that still can’t stop people loving this phone. Now let’s tear down the phone to see what is in it and how to replace the LCD screen, charging port and battery.

Step 1 Power off the Phone and take out SIM Card Tray

First power off the phone and take out the SIM card tray with ejection tool.

Step 2 Remove Back Housing

Softening the adhesive with a heating gun would help to remove the back housing easier.

Release the fingerprint connector on the motherboard with a spudger.

Step 3 Remove Fingerprint

Pry the fingerprint on the back housing with a spudger, heating the back cover with a heat gun will make it easier to remove.

Step 4 Remove Wireless Charging Coil and Loud Speaker

Undo 15 screws as the picture shown below with philips screwdriver.

Step 5 Remove Battery

Remove the battery connector as the picture shown below.

Cut the battery adhesive with playing card then pry the battery out.

Step 6 Remove Motherboard

Release connectors as the pictures shown below.

Step 7 Remove Daughterboard

Remove 5 screws as the picture shown below.

Pry out the daughter board with a spudger, you will find the daughter board includes the microphone, Type-C charging port and headphone jack.

Step 8 Remove Earphone, Front Facing Sensor and Vibration Motor

Take out the earphone, front facing sensors and motor as the picture shown below with tweezers.

Step 9 Remove Button Keys

Remove the button keys as the pictures shown below with tweezers.

Step 10 Remove Cameras

The front camera, Iris camera and rear camera are on the motherboard as the picture attached below.

Read the article with pictures please visit

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 PRE-ORDER Leaks: Release Date & Specs Detailed

The wait is OVER! Samsung will announce its Galaxy Note 8 on August 23, confirming what most of us already know.

The handset, which is expected to be the most potent handset Samsung has ever built, will pick up where the Galaxy S8 left off, adding in more power, more specs and, overall, better performance.

This is why Note releases are always so tantalising; they’re basically a Galaxy S iphone battery replacement on steroids.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will feature a new design, similar to the Galaxy S8’s, only bigger, the company’s S-Pen, plenty of new specs and features and a significant bump in battery life, potentially.

The Note 8 will be 0.1in bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S8+, making it the largest handset Samsung has ever built.

The Galaxy Note 8’s dual-camera hardware will be better than the equivalent dual-snapper on current-gen iPhone 7 Plus. This is according to the latest research note from Ming-chi Kuo, the prominent analyst from KGI Securities who has a reputation for being accurate regarding Apple rumours.

In the note, Kuo said the dual-camera on the Note 8 will be “the most important upgrade” for the handset. It’s believed it will feature a 13MP wide-angle lens, as well as a 12MP telephoto lens, both will feature optical image stabilisation (OIS) and 6-element lenses, and the setup will be capable of 3x optical zoom. Kuo also reaffirmed existing rumoured specs including a 6.4in QHD+ Super AMOLED display, and either Exynos 8995 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processing hardware.

According to SamMobile, the Galaxy Note 8 is codenamed “GREAT”.

“According to our sources, the Galaxy Note 8 is codenamed Great. You read that right. Great, and not Baikal as had been previously rumored. If that’s not a big sign that Samsung is doing all it can to make the Galaxy Note 8 special, we’re not sure what would be,” said the report.

But the source also revealed a model number for the handset; SM-N950F. Now that number specifically refers to the international variant, as Samsung is known to put particular letters on the end denoting different regional models.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is widely believed to be the first 4K handset from Samsung. Beyond this Samsung will focus on quality, especially in the battery department, and further refinements to the handset’s performance and overall aesthetics.

The Galaxy Note 8, reports suggest, could be more expensive than its predecessors as well. All the new spec and hardware, as well as Samsung’s losses in 2016 off of the back of the Galaxy Note 7 discontinuation, all point to a new premium price mark-up.

Apple’s next-generation iPhone 8 Pro model will also be more expensive than anything that came before it. Multiple reports claim it could well be the first iphone digitizer to cost more than $1000.

You Can Repair The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Camera Lens Without Open it

Tools need:

Heat gun/Hair dryer

Metal tool


Pry tool


Clean cloth

Step 1 Remove the cracked camera lens

Heat the lens with a heat gun to soften the adhesive, and stop heating it when you feel it is too hot by touching with your finger.

replace galaxy s8 camera lens 2Pry up the glass with a metal tool from the position where the glass is broken.

replace galaxy s8 camera lens 3Remove the other broken glasses with the tweezers. Please heat it again if it is hard to remove. Be sure no glass shards or dust drops into the camera when removing the glass.

replace galaxy s8 camera lens 5Step 2 Clean the Metal rings

Tear off the adhesive tape from the metal rings.

replace galaxy s8 camera lens 6Wipe out the glass shards or adhesive by sticky side of the tape.

replace galaxy s8 camera lens 7Step 3 Fix the camera

Press gently the camera with the pry bar move around to get it fixed.

replace galaxy s8 camera lens 8Step 4 Install the Camera lens

Clean off all the fingerprints and dust on the backside of glass with the cloth.

replace galaxy s8 camera lens 9Tear off the adhesive

replace galaxy s8 camera lens 10Fix the lens in right place with the tweezer.

replace galaxy s8 camera lens 11Press the edges of the lens evenly to make it fixed. Please note don’t use too much pressure or you will damage the glass.

replace galaxy s8 camera lens 12Clean the lens with the cloth

replace galaxy s8 camera lens 13Now the camera can work well.

replace galaxy s8 camera lens 14Read more here:

Galaxy Note 8 will launch in late August and it’s gonna be huge

Samsung’s mobile chief has made it official: We’re a little over a month away from meeting Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8. No, we don’t have the official invitation yet, but earlier this week DJ Koh, who heads the mobile division, told a room full of journalists in Taiwan that Samsung will unveil the Note 8 in “late August” (we still don’t have a date), for sale dates in September and October, depending on where you live.

This is a huge admission, and not the first one from Koh, who also told CNET in January that Samsung would stick with the Note 8 even after two Note 7 battery fires prompted Samsung to yank the Note 7 entirely. And it’s exactly because of the Note 7’s tumult and terror that this upcoming Note 8 will be more important than any other Note ever made.

Hang on, what’s the Galaxy Note again?

The Note line is Samsung’s flagship iphone battery replacement for power users.

It comes with a digital pen (or stylus, if you’d rather) called the S Pen.

It’s been the most advanced, and most expensive, phone that Samsung sells each year.

We expect it to be just a hair bigger than Galaxy S8 Plus ($709.00 at Amazon Marketplace), with a 6.3-inch screen. Yeah, big.

OK, thanks. Why’s it such a big deal?

spiralbinder-2016-32.jpgEnlarge Image

1. It’ll be the real test of the Note family’s post-Note 7 recovery, even more so than the Galaxy S8 ($728.83 at Amazon Marketplace), battery of which is so far incident-free.

2. Samsung can course-correct on the S8’s biggest problem: the placement of the fingerprint reader on the back of the phone, right next to the camera lens. (Hello, awkward.)

That fingerprint scanner, which is used for unlocking the phone and waving through Samsung Pay and Android Pay, could now go under the glass as rumors suggest.

Or, if Samsung can’t get the puzzle pieces together, the center of the phone’s back is another option. That location works well on the Google Pixel, LG G6 ($469.99 at and Huawei P10 ($629.00 at Amazon Marketplace).

Since we’re talking about design rumors, Samsung is also expected to jump on the dual-camera trend that the S8 passed up.

3. Each year, the Note and iPhone duke it out for preholiday sales. But this year, Apple is expected to pull out all the stops for its 10th-anniversary iPhone, possibly called the iPhone 8. Competition will likely be fiercer than ever before if the iPhone 8 throws in a killer feature surprise.

Personally, I always find a Note release exciting, as much for the technology as the phone’s history in kicking off the big-screen craze. Back when the first Galaxy Note phone arrived in 2012, the “phablet” (half phone, half tablet) had a 5.3-inch screen and was considered a monster of a device that was too unwieldy to really use (yes, I said this too). But the trend caught on, and here we are anticipating the eighth iteration of a large-screen phone-plus-digital-stylus.

What we ‘know’ about the Note 8:

The Bixby Voice app will work straight out of the box

Samsung hasn’t confirmed this, but it has said that its Bixby Voice app is a priority on Samsung phones and other devices, too. Now that Samsung’s voice app — and its challenge to Apple’s Siri — is available on all Galaxy S8 phones, it’s almost a given that the Note 8 will have a physical Bixby button of its own.

The electronics giant is hoping to turn Bixby into a full-blown ecosystem robust enough to rival the rest of the field: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri, and yes, you too, Microsoft Cortana.

I strongly assume that the Note 8 will feature a standalone Bixby button like the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Unlike those two iphone digitizer , Bixby Voice should be developed enough to launch along with the phone.

Galaxy Note 8 dual camera to offer ‘better image quality’

galaxy note 8The upcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone’s long-rumoured dual camera module could trump rival offerings, if a new report is to be believed.

Over the past year, we’ve seen several phone makers opt for dual-camera designs on their flagship motorola parts . There was Apple with the iPhone 7 Plus, followed by the LG G6 and Huawei P10, and most recently the Honor 9 and OnePlus 5. Samsung, meanwhile, stuck with a single rear-facing camera on this year’s Galaxy S8, leaving many questioning when we’d see the company jump to a dual-camera system.

Most rumours to date have suggested Samsung will make the Galaxy Note 8 its first flagship phone to feature a dual camera. And the good news is that the phone’s photography potential could outpace rival smartphones, according to an article published by specialist blog Sammobile.

iPhone 7 PlusApple’s iPhone 7 Plus dual camera module

The website, which has a generally solid track record for Samsung leaks, suggests that the Galaxy Note 8 dual camera will offer “better image quality and better background defocus than competing motorola replacement parts with similar dual-camera solutions”. The article cites an anonymous insider as the source for this information, which unfortunately makes it impossible for us to verify. As such, have your pinch of salt at the ready.

Samsung is said to be planning a dual 13-megapixel (RGB + Monochrome) arrangement with an f/2.0 lens and optical image stabilisation. This setup should make it possible to improve colour, sharpness, reduce noise, and offer substantially greater depth of field, compared to what we’ve seen from the already-impressed Galaxy S8 camera.

It’s expected that Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 8 at some point in August or September, although details are neither clear nor official at these point.

Should we buy a Galaxy S8+ or wait for the Galaxy Note 8?

You can always wait for the next blackberry parts to come out — but should you?

For those who loved the Galaxy Note 7, there’s been a void in their pocket since late 2016. Many Note fans think of the phone as more than just another big-screened device — it’s a special kind of device that can only be replaced by a newer, better Note. So without a Galaxy Note available, what do you use instead?

Since we’re still a couple months away from the release of the Galaxy Note 8, the next-best thing right now is the Galaxy S8+. Here’s what Note fans should know about choosing to go with a Galaxy S8+ today, or potentially waiting to see what the Galaxy Note 8 offers.

Since the Galaxy Note 8 isn’t out yet, we have to look at what we do have: the Galaxy S8+. Since the Galaxy S6 edge+, Samsung has offered a larger version of its leading Galaxy S device that works as a stepping stone between the mainstream Galaxy S and the all-in power-user Galaxy Note — and the Galaxy S8+ is once again just that.

Those who bought a Galaxy Note in the past for its big screen and big battery won’t be disappointed with the Galaxy S8+ in many respects. The super-tall 18.5:9 aspect ratio and tiny bezels let Samsung fit a really big 6.2-inch display in the GS8+, as well as a hefty 3500mAh battery. The GS8+ also has many of the physical design elements that actually debuted on the Note 7, like the more subtly curved display glass and symmetrical feel.

What the Galaxy Note 8 could do to make you wait

The tough part about this question is that we only have a limited set of leaked information and speculation to work off of right now. But based on the lineage of the Galaxy Note name and a handful of rumors, we can start to construct what a Galaxy Note 8 could be. Looking at the Galaxy S8 and S8+, there’s a great chance that the Galaxy Note 8 will have the same tall, narrow and near-bezel-free “Infinity Display” of the Galaxy S8 — but there’s a chance it may be even larger and perhaps a tad wider in proportion to give Note power users even more room to work and write.

Galaxy Note 8 leakEach year the Galaxy Note launch offers Samsung a chance to iterate on its hardware design in other ways, too. There’s a good chance we’ll see 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage offered in the Note 8. Rumors are swirling that the extra room in the Note 8’s body will also let Samsung put dual cameras on the back, opening up possibilities for lossless zooming and depth of field effects.

As the one phone a year from Samsung with an S Pen stylus, we could be in store for new capabilities there as well. There’s a good shout that Samsung could reduce the latency and increase pressure sensitivity this year, as it has done several times as its technology progresses. The S Pen-focused software will likely get a facelift, too, but we haven’t seen any leaks of new features on the software front.

Is it worth waiting?

This is a personal question, of course. You can always wait and see a newer, more exciting blackberry replacement parts in the future — whether you’re looking for a Galaxy Note 8 or any other phone. But that comes at the cost of actually having a phone in the time you’d be waiting.

If history is any indication, the Galaxy Note 8 should offer a bigger screen, improved internal specs and a few new software features when compared to the Galaxy S8+. It will of course have an S Pen, too — something no other phone can match, even from Samsung itself.

If you’re a Note fan and you don’t need a phone right this minute, I’d say you should wait and at least see what the Galaxy Note 8 has to offer. The announcement of the phone is only a few months away at this point — expected in August or September — and when we get there you can see if it’s right for you. If the Galaxy Note 8 doesn’t do it for you at that time, the Galaxy S8+ will still be on sale, and probably at a discount as well.

Galaxy Note 8 could be Samsung’s most expensive phone ever

The average price of flagship smartphones has been creeping steadily upwards for years now. Pair that with the UK’s currency woes and Brits are feeling the cost of buying a new handset more acutely than ever before. Our sympathies, then, to anyone considering buying Samsung’s next flagship cell phone battery wholesale – at least if this latest leak is true.

Renowned leaker and Venture Beat journalist Evan Blass has published a new report claiming that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will cost an incredible €999. For contrast, the new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ cost €799 and €899 respectively, so this new handset would trump both by a fair way.

galaxy note 8Given that in the UK, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ cost £689 and £779 respectively, we’d expect the Galaxy Note 8 to cost somewhere in the region of £869 to £899, based on Blass’ claims.

Blass also claimed that Samsung is plotting to launch the Galaxy Note 8 in the second half of September. This is the fourth release date leak we’ve seen for the Galaxy Note 8, each of which has been different.

One suggested August 2, another suggested August 26, a different source pointed to Berlin’s IFA tradeshow (September 1 – 6), and now Blass points to late September. It’s hard to say which rumour is most credible at this point, but it’s worth noting that Blass has an exceptionally strong track record for mobile leaks.

All we know for sure is that the Galaxy Note 8 is coming this year, as has been confirmed by Samsung. The company announced the handset’s arrival following last year’s Galaxy Note 7 debacle, where the wholesale iPhone parts was recalled twice and eventually killed off permanently following spontaneous combustion issues.

So the pressure is on for Samsung to get it right with this year’s Galaxy Note 8, which is why we’re expecting top specs and a major focus on device safety. The Venture Beat report notes that the handset is expected to feature an edge-to-edge 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display, as well as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip and 6GB of RAM.

The handset is also tipped to feature dual cameras on the back, a 3,300mAh battery, an S-Pen, and a heart-rate sensor.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to take all leaks with due caution until Samsung makes an official announcement.