How to replace OnePlus 5 cracked LCD screen

Step 1 Power off the phone and take out the SIM card tray

The SIM card tray is on the right of the phone.

power off the phonetake out the SIM card trayStep 2 Separate the LCD Screen Assembly from the rear housing

Unscrew 2 Hexagonal screws at the bottom

Tear off 2 screws on bottomUse the pry tool to gap the screen assembly from the rear housing

Gap the OnePlus 5Use the pry bar slide along the screen edges to separate the LCD screen assembly from the rear housing. Notice: As the charging port is on the rear housing connecting the mainboard with flex cable, so please be careful when separating or it will be damaged.

Slide along the screen edgeseparate oneUndo the Phillips screw on the metal cover of the charging port and take it off.

Undo the screwtake off the coverRelease the charging port connector.

release the flex cablescreen is separate from rear housing

OnePlus 5 is the only phone have Jelly scrolling effect?

Since the OnePlus 5 was released with a slogan “Never Settle”, it has become a hot topic. With the rear dual camera, 6/8 RAM, Snapdragon™ 835, 20W Dash and charge of $479.00/ $539.00, we always call it “flagship killer”. However, nothing is perfect. Recently some OnePlus 5 users come to XDA and OnePlus forums to complain the issues they have encountered which is called “Jelly Scrolling”. Here we will talk something about what is Jelly Scrolling effect and why this happened.

What is Jelly Scrolling

The explanation on Phonearena is as below: when the screen is being scrolled more slowly – text bunches up together and stretches when you swipe the other way making it appear as if part of the screen is not being refreshed as quickly as others. If you still don’t understand what it is, you can see the video on YouTube “Little Zed”.

Why this happened

At the beginning, some people think this issue may be caused by the manufacturing defect, Quality Assurance mishap, or software bug, but the OnePlus Company claim this problem is normal:

The OnePlus 5 uses the same level of high-quality components as all OnePlus devices, including the AMOLED display. We’ve received feedback from a small number of users saying that at times they notice a subtle visual effect when scrolling. This is normal and there’s no variance in screens between devices.

There is not any certain reason about this issue until now. The generally accepted reason in the XDA forum is that the OnePlus 5 displayis mounted upside down. Some users point out that when holding any other brand smartphone upside down then they can see the same jelly scrolling effect on those devices, so they think the display in OnePlus 5 is mounted incorrectly.

XDA reports that OnePlus 5’s display matrix is inverted when compared to that of the OnePlus 3T, also there is a hardware evidence compared with the OnePlus 3T, from the picture below we can see the OnePlus 5’s panel has been mounted upside down.

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OnePlus 5 units are manufactured by Oppo Mobiles

OnePlus 5 units are manufactured by Oppo MobilesOnePlus 5 units sold in India are manufactured by Oppo Mobiles in India, in latter’s manufacturing unit in Uttar Pradesh.

OnePlus has finally launched its latest motorola parts , the OnePlus 5 for the Indian market on June 22. Since its launch, the smartphone has marred by many controversies, including the delivery of a faulty unit of the device, which had no volume controls. Now it is learned that the OnePlus 5 units sold in India are manufactured by Oppo Mobiles in India, in latter’s manufacturing unit in Uttar Pradesh.

According to a report, the retail box of the OnePlus 5 shows that the smartphone is manufactured by OnePlus Mobiles India Private Limited at its Noida-based factory. To recall, OnePlus partnered with Foxconn to manufacture its smartphone in India and the brand hoped that it will sell most of the smartphones which are locally manufactured in India by the end of 2017. However, it seems the brand has chosen Oppo for the manufacturing of the latest smartphone.

Oneplus 5 retail boxInterestingly, OnePlus, Oppo and Vivo have the same parent company known as BBK Electronics. Further, OnePlus is said to be a sub-brand of Oppo Mobiles and even its co-founder Pete Lau, was earlier Vice President of Oppo.

This clears some air about Oppo’s connection with OnePlus smartphones. OnePlus shares a deep connection with Oppo when it comes to the design of a smartphone. The original OnePlus was identical to Oppo Find 7 and same is the case of the OnePlus 5. The device has fairly borrowed the design from the recently-launched Oppo R11. What’s more intruding is the fact that both the motorola replacement parts feature a similar type of dual-camera setup, which further raises many eyebrows. This is an odd move for a company whose main motto is to “never settle” and still it is settling with a design that is already somebody else’s trademark.

The brand has surrounded with numerous controversies as well. It has been accused of manipulating benchmarkresults with the latest flagship device. As per a report by XDA Developers, “Every single review of the OnePlus 5 that contains a benchmark is using misleading results, as OnePlus provided reviewers with a device that cheats on benchmarks.” Further, they have also claimed that this time the cheating mechanism is “blatant and aimed at maximising the device’s performance.”

The camera performance, which it has heavily advertised, can be seen as a disappointing one if we go by numerous reviews on the internet. For The Verge, the biggest complaint about the One Plus 5 is the price, which, it claims, takes it beyond the mid-range it has bossed for so long to the top range, where the ‘value’ proposition may not be as valuable. The Verge also helpfully tells you that the One Plus 5 and its three cameras offer you 52 megapixels of shot taking power, a view that might fall flat when faced with the Wired’s disappointment with the camera.