Comment réparer votre problème de charge iPhone?

Le chargement du téléphone fait déjà partie de la vie quotidienne pour les utilisateurs d’iPhone, mais parfois, ils trouvent que leurs iPhones ne seront pas facturés. Pourquoi cela se produit-il? L’iPhone est brisé ou la batterie est-elle mauvaise? Beaucoup de gens ont été confus par ce problème. Ne vous inquiétez pas à ce sujet, ce problème peut être causé par des raisons communes et vous pouvez le réparer facilement. Nous discuterons ici de la raison pour laquelle cela se produit et de la réparer comme ci-dessous.

1. Problèmes d’IOS

Motif: Parfois, l’IOS a été écrasé que l’iPhone ne peut pas identifier l’équipement de chargement.

Solutions: Force redémarre l’appareil iPhone. Appuyez et maintenez enfoncés les boutons Power et Volume Down (boutons Home) simultanément pendant au moins dix secondes jusqu’à ce que vous voyiez le logo Apple sur l’écran de l’iPhone.

Redémarrez l’iPhone

2. Port de chargement bloqué

Motif: Beaucoup de poussière ou de peluches est empilée dans le port de charge entraînera un mauvais contact.

Solutions: Nettoyez le port de charge avec un aspirateur. Si la peluche est toujours là, essayez de l’enlever avec un cure-dent. Connectez-vous pour recharger, si cela fonctionne, tout va bien, sinon, continuez à lire.

Nettoyer le port de chargement

3. Mauvais contact

Raison: un mauvais contact entre la prise, la prise et le câble USB entraîne une défaillance de la charge de l’iPhone.

Solutions: assurez-vous de bonnes connexions entre la fiche, la prise et le câble USB. Si la connexion entre la prise et la prise est médiocre, essayez de brancher une autre prise ou connectez le câble USB au port USB d’un ordinateur. Si elle commence à se charger, la première prise peut être mauvaise, sinon, lisez la suite pour plus d’informations.


4. Adaptateur USB endommagé

Raison: un adaptateur endommagé peut également provoquer une panne de charge.

Solutions: essayez d’utiliser un autre adaptateur qui est bon ou connectez votre iPhone à un port USB d’ordinateur. Si l’iPhone peut se charger correctement, il vous suffit d’acheter un nouvel adaptateur pour iPhone, sinon, continuez de regarder vers le bas.

Adaptateur endommagé

5. Câble USB endommagé

Motif: Un câble USB endommagé peut causer un problème dysfonctionnel.

Solutions: Essayez d’utiliser un autre câble USB qui est bon, vous feriez mieux d’utiliser un câble OEM ou certifié Apple. Si cela coûte bien, il vous suffit d’acheter un nouveau câble USB.

Câble d’éclairage endommagé

Si vous avez essayé toutes les solutions ci-dessus et que vous ne pouvez toujours pas recharger, votre téléphone peut subir des dégâts matériels et vous devez l’envoyer à Apple Store ou au magasin de réparation le plus proche. Ils vérifient quelle partie de votre iPhone est endommagé, puis remplacez une nouvelle pièce, comme le port de chargement, la batterie et etc.

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iPhone SE Available on Paytm Mall for as Low as Rs. 19,990 With Cashback Offer

iPhone SE is one of the most affordable Apple Smartphone parts that can be purchased in India right now, and the 32GB model can now be purchased for Rs. 22,990 from Paytm’s online retail store. Additionally, Paytm is also offering a Rs. 3,000 cashback on the purchase that would effectively bring down the price of the iPhone SE to Rs. 19,990.

iPhone SE Available on Paytm Mall for as Low as Rs. 19,990 With Cashback OfferWhile the iPhone SE is usually priced on the Paytm Mall at Rs. 27,200, the company is offering a flat 15 percent discount and offering a Rs. 3,000 cashback, which can be availed by using promo code’PhoneSE’ after adding the product to the cart. Notably, Cash on Delivery option will not be available for those users who will be using this promo code and availing the cashback offer.

To recall, iPhone SE comes with a 4-inch Retina display (640×1136 pixels) and packs Apple’s A9 SoC. It comes with a 12-megapixel rear camera and a fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button as well. Interestingly, Paytm Mall is also offering Buyback Guarantee of Rs. 9,000 on the handset.

Apart from iPhone SE, Paytm Mall is also offering cashback and flash offers on various other ipad replacement screen models ranging from iPhone 5s to iPhone 7 Plus.

Let us know in the comments down below if you will consider switching to an iPhone at this price or would prefer for the price to come down further before you make a switch. Those users who prefer Android can also share their views in the comments down below.

The iPhone 8 reportedly won’t launch with all the goodies

The upcoming iPhone 8 may not get the entire slew of features that Apple has planned. Problems with the iPhone’s rumored wireless charging and facial recognition software could cause Apple to disable these features when the cheap phone repair arrives in stores, according to Fast Company.

June was allegedly a tough month for Apple’s iPhone team, according to the report. With Apple’s usual iPhone reveal likely falling sometime in September, the team is reportedly ironing out the wrinkles in time for the phone’s launch. One of Fast Company’s sources reported “a sense of panic in the air.”

The iPhone 8 (which is what we’re calling the phone for now) is said to receive a major redesign that will debut features never before seen on an iPhone. Apple’s inability to ready these features for launch could lead to impatience if buyers experience a serious delay. Samsung’s slow release of the Bixby Voice app on the Galaxy S8 is a clear example.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Apple delayed a feature release, either. Last year’s iPhone 7 Plus’s Portrait Mode wasn’t enabled until after the cracked screen repair went on sale. Fast Company reported that if Apple can’t get its new technology working smoothly in time, it may similarly ship the iPhone 8 with the right hardware built-in and activate it later on when the software is ready.

There have been persistent rumors that Apple might delay the iPhone 8 sale date due to issues with the fingerprint sensor.

Still, without knowing when the iPhone launch date is, it’s best to take these rumors with a grain of salt.

iPhone 8 Facing 3D NAND Storage Chip Shortage

The iPhone 8 is expected to sport a lot of significant changes and will be a much more premium variant than the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus also expected to launch this fall. All the three Smartphone parts will come with 3D NAND chips for storage that Apple has been using since last year’s iPhone. However, as 3D NAND is still a new technology, Apple’s suppliers have reportedly failed to meet the demand for this year’s batch, and the Cupertino giant has had to look to Samsung to make up for the shortfall.

iPhone 8 Facing 3D NAND Storage Chip Shortage, Samsung Asked to Step In: ReportWith September ticking in, Apple cannot afford to have bottlenecks in its supply chain, especially since it is planning such a mega launch. DigiTimes reports that Apple’s primary suppliers for 3D NAND chips – SK Hynix and Toshiba – have fallen short in supply by as much as 30 percent due to poor yield. Because of this, Apple has had to go to Samsung for making the rest of the 3D NAND chips. Furthermore, Apple is also expected to use 3D NAND chips with 64 layers in the iPhone 8, as compared to last year’s 48 layers.

Furthermore, upcoming iPhones will be made available only in two storage variants – 64GB and 256GB – matching KGI’s predictions. The report also indicates that this shortfall in supply of NAND chips is not expected to improve until 2018. To recall, Samsung is also the sole supplier of OLED displays as well for the iPhone 8 ipad replacement screen this year, but Apple has reportedly invested in LG to ensure that it can look at other suppliers for OLED next year.

Speaking of OLED, Nikkei reports that Apple is expected to launch three iPhones in 2018 as well, and all three of them are expected to come with OLED displays. This means that Apple suppliers will really have to up their game in OLED production, something that Apple has reportedly had difficulty in procuring this year. Apple is said to have signed a deal with Samsung for sole OLED panel supply, but it hopes to rope in companies like Sharp, LG, and others next year to meet the increased demand.

The iPhone 8 is expected to launch with better waterproofing, wireless charging, bezel-less display, and much more.