LG V30 release date, news and rumors

While some might argue that LG plays it relatively safe with its flagship etradesupply , the same cannot be said about its V-series devices.

However, as we gear up for the LG V30 launch it appears the company isn’t going to follow the same path it took with the LG V10 and LG V20.

While it’s likely to build the most feature-packed phone that it can, it’s looking increasingly likely that the second screen feature – that made the V10 and V20 stand out – will be dropped.

It leaves the phone looking far more similar to the LG G6 which launched earlier in the year, so it will be interesting to see how the South Korean firm manages to make the two stand out in their own unique ways.

Here’s everything we know about the LG V30 and following that, we’ve listed out exactly how we hope this upcoming release shapes up.

There’s no question about it, the LG V30 launch date is August 31.

How are we so sure? Well LG has sent out an invite for an event on that datewhich reads “Lights. Camera. Action. LG V30”.

We were already pretty confident about this after receiving a slightly more cryptic invite to an LG press conference on August 31 back in July.

LG didn’t put the V10 or V20 on sale in the UK or many countries outside of the US, so it may there’s no guarantee we’ll see a more global LG V30 release either.

However, considering the launch of the V30 is set to take place just at IFA 2017 in Berlin, Germany it may hint at a European release for the phone.

An internal document supplied to Android Authority suggests the phone will launch in Europe on September 28, and the same source claims you’ll be able to pre-order the V30 in the US from September 17.

As far as price goes, this smartphone won’t be cheap. Though this isn’t a flagship in the typical sense, you can expect to shell out flagship prices for the V30.

Details on this new phone are still filtering out, though Google might have dropped the biggest hint to its existence at Google IO 2017 when it said that it will support Daydream VR out of the box.

This, of course, means that not only will it meet spec in terms of power with the Snapdragon 835 likely to be behind the wheel, but it will be the first LG cell phone replacement to have an OLED screen since the LG G Flex 2 – a mandatory inclusion to be Daydream-compatible.

It could also apparently have upgraded audio, including a collaboration with B&O, and could be made of 6000-series aluminum and Gorilla Glass 5, with IP68 water and dust resistance and military standard protection.

We do have more information on the LG V30 display and cameras though, which we’ve detailed in their own sections below.

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